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On June 22nd 1633, the Cardinals part of the Inquisition have sentenced  Galileo Galilei - the most famous scientist of Europe. They accused him of making up the heliocentric theory, stating that the Sun was not moving and it was the center of the Universe, and the planets are moving around it. His theory was explained in his new book "Dialogue concerning the two chief world systems", publish in Florence in 1632.

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IL MANOSCRITTO SEGRETO (versione italiana)

Il  22 giugno del 1633 i cardinali dell’Inquisizione  condannarono lo scienziato più famoso d'Europa – Galileo Galilei. A Galilei gli fu imputata la teoria dell’eliocentrismo che affermava che  il Sole era fisso al centro dell’Universo e che i pianeti gli ruotavano intorno. La sua teoria fu esposta nel suo libro “ Dialogo sopra i due massimi sistemi” pubblicato a Firenze nel 1632.

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VENICE'S CARNIVAL - The exclusive parties





The spectacular yearly event, the Carnival of Venice, has come to end! Between the feasts, the colors, perfumes, the spectacular masks and the high end quality of the unique clothing, the Carnival enchanted hundreds of thousands of tourists.

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"Horse & Rider"  500 years old Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece preserved after being saved from the Nazis. In 1508 from a block of beeswax, Leonardo da Vinci creates a model of a horse and rider in full military regalia.

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VENICE'S CARNIVAL - the origins


carnival 1093059 1280




The Carnival of Venice is the most mysterious event in Italy and the most famous Carnival in the world, being well recognized for its unique and elaborate masks and dramatic soirées.

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VENICE'S CARNIVAL - the Renaissance's luxury life


The Life of Luxury during its maximum splendor, flourishes in a real luxury life inside the Court of the famous Italian Palaces. Venice becomes a Mecca of elegance, a way of life through  the best things money could buy, a lifestyle that no member of the nobility could afford to lose.

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