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Experience the unique and extraordinary path from St. Angelo’s Castle to the Vatican during the night hours. The inside of the legendary St. Angelo's castle will be revealed to the selected few, together with the secret passage above the Leonine walls,  usually closed to the public. The long, secret papal passage was built as a way to escape, by anti-pope John XXIII in the 15th century, and it connects the fortress of Castle St. 'Angelo to the Vatican Palaces. While walking through this place full of secret history, one can contemplate the breathtaking view of the Eternal City, and retrace the events of history.  Pope Alexander VI Borgia walked secretly from the Vatican to his private apartments inside the fortress to save his life. While Pope Clement VII was also one of the Popes who used the secret passage to find refuge here during the terrible siege of Rome, in 1527.

Please take in consideration, that due to the nature of our exclusive visit, everything should be bookend in advance.

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