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During his last hours on this Earth, Raffaello, knowing that he was going to give his last breath soon, retouched the last details on Jesus's face.

Few hours later, at just 38 years of age, he was giving his last breath. Born on April 6th, 1483, he died the same day, 38 years later. On the day of his funeral, the chronicles say that a huge mass of people gathered to say their last goodbye to the great artist. In front of his coffin deposed at the Pantheon in Rome, there was exposed his last masterpiece, like a metaphor for his life. The masterpiece was recognized by all art critics and admirers of his work as being an artistic revolution. From there on, Raffaello was known as the "Divine Artist". #raphael #rennaisance #art #italiapretiosa #rome #vatican 


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