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VENICE'S CARNIVAL - The exclusive parties





The spectacular yearly event, the Carnival of Venice, has come to end! Between the feasts, the colors, perfumes, the spectacular masks and the high end quality of the unique clothing, the Carnival enchanted hundreds of thousands of tourists.

 It ended beautifully with dances and celebrations, among which, the most glamorous ones will take place inside the historical Palaces, invitation only. This year, the most famous party in the world will have as its theme Venice during the Renaissance. Guests from all over the world, political figures, nobility, business people and royals, will participate at this luxurious event. A masterpiece "Made in Italy". The Palace hosting the party will become a cinema set with hundreds of artists and spectacular performances. This night in Venice will be magical. This party is the most festive and elegant in the world! And it took a whole year to prepare for it. It will be an unforgettable night for the few fortunate enough to be part o it. This concludes our series about the Carnival. We will look for you next year to celebrate together! Stay tuned!

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