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Unique Italian art treasures


VENICE'S CARNIVAL - the Renaissance's luxury life


The Life of Luxury during its maximum splendor, flourishes in a real luxury life inside the Court of the famous Italian Palaces. Venice becomes a Mecca of elegance, a way of life through  the best things money could buy, a lifestyle that no member of the nobility could afford to lose.

Aristocrats, political figures, ambassadors and wealthy business men from all over the world are being entertained inside the exclusive salons of the Venice.  The feasts were part of a breathtaking production: salons full of the best artists of that period, enormous Murano chandeliers spreading their light on the Venetian mirrors, reflecting the warm light with the help of the gold powder spread all over it; a secret kept by master glassmakers religiously for centuries. All the nobility families in the world wanted and hoped at one point or another to acquire, and to exhibit in their Palaces one of those unique mirrors. Unforgettable feasts, magical parties and rare beauty courtesans were among the things that Venice exported to the rest of the world during that time in history. And of course, an extraordinary lifestyle, a culture which will remain famous in history, matched only by the extravagant feasts held at Versailles by Louis XIV of France, le Roi Soleil.

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